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Define Your Jawline With No Effort While You Sleep

Atdoze Pro-Sleep Mouthtape - The easiest solution to getting your jawline back

Did you know that mouthbreathing, while you sleep, is the root cause behind puffy, round jawlines?

Your muscles around your mouth relax for 6+ hours and cause a weakened facial structure, or a double chin look.

But how can you train your jawline... to get it strong and defined?

Well, there is chewable jawline exercise balls. But they require constant repetition and cause achy jaw muscles. A lot of effort for minimal results.

And then there's cosmetic chin lift surgery. It's not only expensive, but can also come with nasty side effects.

Which is where Atdoze Pro-Sleep Mouthtape stands out...

  • Strengthen muscles and define jawline

  • Requires no effort, it works while you sleep

  • Safe, tried and tested with no side effects

  • Wake up feeling refreshed and energetic after a good nights rest!

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How the Atdoze Pro-Sleep Mouth Tape helps prevent puffy jawlines

It promotes nasal breathing... the key to a defined jawline!

By applying safe and tested Atdoze Pro-Sleep Mouthtape before you sleep, your brain and body will be encouraged to breathe through your nose.

But why is this considered a beauty hack?

Because nasal breathing activates the muscles surrounding it and increases jawline development.

In other words... it helps you achieve a defined jawline over time!

✔️ Minimal Effort - Just apply before you sleep, and watch the magic of nasal breathing unfold!

✔️ Helps Define Jawline - Activates surrounding muscles and increases jawline development (goodbye puffy chin).

✔️ Safe and Tested - Taping your mouth can sound scary, but rest assured it's a safe and tested breathing technique

✔️ Contributes to Healthier Sleep — Nasal breathing opens airways and allows for more, higher quality oxygen to enter your body. Resulting in a deeper, longer sleep!

The Atdoze Pro-Sleep Mouthtape is a simple, easy and affordable way to develop your dream jawline definition.

But it's not just a beauty hack... it also helps you to feel more energized throughout the day by allowing your body reach a deeper and higher quality sleep!

Comfortable and Safe

Promotes Nasal Breathing

Define Your Jawline

Up to 5 Month Supply

Comfortable and Safe

Promotes Nasal Breathing

Define Your Jawline

Up to 5 Month Supply

Switch To Nasal Breathing For Jawline Development and Better Face Structure!

👃 Customers easily breathe through their noses when they sleep (the key to a defined jawline!)

💪 Their surrounding muscles are activated... their jawline develops and regains both shape and structure

⚡ Plus they feel healthier and more energetic, due to a higher quality sleep

❤️ Approximately 71% of beds across America are host to a mouth breather. Make the change today by applying Atdoze Pro-Sleep Mouth Tape, and see the benefits!


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Why Our Mouthtape is #1

Find out why the Atdoze Pro-Sleep Mouthtape is the number one method to developing your dream jawline!


Pro-Sleep Mouthtape

Jaw Exercise Chew Balls

Cosmetic Surgery

Jawline Development




Minimal Effort Required





No Discomfort


No Harmful Side Effects


Additional Health Benefits


An industry-exclusive no-questions-asked

60 night money back guarantee

Atdoze uses the highest quality materials and thoughtful ergonomic design to give you the best sleep possible. Try it risk free for 60 nights or your money back! Just reach out to us @support@atdoze.com and we will refund you, no questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions...

Who are these for?

The best solutions are those that target the root cause of your problem. Atdoze Pro-Sleep Mouth Tape is for those who breathe through their mouth when they sleep, and aren't happy with their round, puffy jawline. Why? Because Atdoze Pro-Sleep Mouth Tape promotes nasal breathing and targets the root cause of their undefined jawline... mouth breathing! Plus, the added health benefits such as deeper sleep and more energy, means the Atdoze Pro-Sleep Mouth Tape is for everyone who wants to improve their health!

How long does shipping take?

Please allow 7-12 business days for your product to be delivered! We are a small business and are working tirelessly to fulfill all orders :)

Does it work with beards?

Standard tape doesn't hold over scruff and beards. We designed our tape to have a firm hold and stay put. Checkout our reviews from other men who have facial hair. It may pull a little bit on longer beards but beard balm helps reduce this.

Why not medical tape?

Most people started out using medical tape, but it didn't hold strong enough, and was uncomfortable. If you have facial hair it really doesn't hold well. Medical tape is also annoying to pull off and apply.

Check out our reviews for the people who have used both and choose Hostage Tape because it holds better and is way more comfortable.

Is it safe?

Yes, your body was designed to breathe through your nose. The more you use your nose for breathing, the easier it will be to breathe.

Start Developing Your Jawline

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While Atdoze Pro-Sleep Mouthtape is generally safe. Do not use Atdoze Pro-Sleep Mouth Tape if you have trouble breathing through your nose. Do not use by itself without a CPAP if you are obese (BMI over 35), Do not use if you have very low blood pressure. Do not use if you have severe heart or breathing problems, or if you have a cold, sinus, or ear infection. Do not use if you have severely chapped lips or non-intact skin immediately around the mouth, or after consuming alcohol or sedatives.