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"My boyfriend was punching my legs every night..."

"The only thing I found that helps me is to be punched, yup. I'll ask my boyfriend or my mom to punch both of my legs, starting from the butt down, making sure the cover the entire surface area. And it only works if they punch it hard. It hurts temporarily but then I finally get about 10 minutes of relief."


Yes... that's a real story from someone struggling with restless legs. RLS causes a heavy burden that floods into all other areas of our life, so it's no surprise we try the craziest things just to get brief windows of relief...

We take harmful prescriptions full of side-effects

We spend thousands each year on massages

We create complex and costly nightly routines

We do all these things. We spend all this money. And the result? We still can't sleep because our legs won't stop the sensations.


Luckily, there's finally hope. Thousands are reclaiming great sleep back into their lives, even after 2, 4 and even 20+ years of RLS!


If you're looking for an all-natural, science backed solution to restless legs without side-effects you're in the right place!

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3 Big Levers for Relief 

The All-in-1 Device

There are 3 big levers you could pull that would significantly help restless legs: 


#1 Hire a personal massage therapist 3-5x a week to help move blood through congested areas. ($360-$600 cost each week)


#2 Utilize compression therapy to kickstart better blood flow by helping the vein valves function naturally.


and #3 Apply right amount of heat daily. Heat increases skin temperature and thus raises blood circulation, leading to more nutrition and oxygen supply to affected areas.


You could spend countless hours and hundreds of dollars using each lever on their own... Or use the Atdoze Harmony Wraps for 15 minutes a night for an all-in-1 solution for restless leg pain!


By increasing blood flow to the areas affected the most by RLS with the Harmony Wraps, you get long lasting, deep relief and relaxation so you can get the rest you deserve.


They're quick and easy to use, have no side effects, and give you the relief you've been searching for.

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Improve blood flow

Reduce swelling and inflammation

At-home massage therapy

Rid sensations that keep you awake

Restful sleep, energized days 

and improved moods

How it works

Step 1: Strap on your Harmony Wraps. The first time you're using them, strap them on looser. Over time you can find your sweet spot and strap them tighter for more pressure if desired.

Step 2: Select your massage intensity, mode and heat level (Heat function can be switched off)

Step 3: Sit back and relax! Use the massager for at least 15 minutes, before bed for optimal results.

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  • Common Prescriptions


Side Effects

Drowziness, Dizziness, Mood changes

One time purchase


Need to buy monthly

100% natural and long lasting effects



Instant relief

Response Time

Takes time to kick-in

Yes, 60 nights or your money back

Money-back guarantee


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